Renting Your Unit

You may rent out your unit according to certain conditions. Owners renting out their suites must provide the Property Manager with a duly completed Letter of Undertaking (OCSCC 815 Rules, Schedule 1) and Form 5 (OCSCC 815 Rules, Schedule 2).  See also OCSCC 815 Rule 3 (a) to (e).

Tenant Obligations

The tenant must sign the above-noted forms before they move in.  The tenant is bound by all rules, bylaws and the Declaration.

Landlord Obligations

The landlord must sign and provide to the Front Desk the above-noted forms before the tenant moves in. This provides key registration information and authorized access to the building, and is vital in the case of an emergency.

Renting of Parking Spaces

Parking units cannot be leased except to the owner or a tenant of a dwelling unit in the Corporation or of a unit in the Commercial Condominium or to the Declarant.  See also Disclosure Statement section 2.4 (c).