How can we help? Here’s who to contact for the most common questions and requests.

Building Address

The mailing address for residents in the building is as follows. Always include the unit number for mail to reach the intended addressee. Any mail addressed to the Condominium Corporation itself should be labelled care of the Property Manager.

Unit ____
90 George St.
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 0A8

Front Desk

For on-site assistance at all times, contact the Front Desk.


Property Manager

While the Front Desk is the convenient single point of contact for most inquiries, the Property Manager, Melody Brown of Condominium Management Group (CMG) is available as follows:


Board of Directors

Ottawa-Carleton Standard Condominium Corporation no. 815

  • Peter Camp - Director
  • Michelle Joos - Director
  • Luc Lapointe - Director
  • Daniel Major - Treasurer
  • Catherine Zongora - President

Contact the Front Desk

We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.