Water Falling from Balconies

Dear Owners and Residents:

It has recently been brought to our attention that some residents are experiencing problems with water running down onto their balconies from balconies located above them. As well, we continue to receive reports from residents of various items falling down from above.

When using water on balconies, please be extra careful that water does not run down.  The following remedies will help ensure that water will not fall down onto other residents' balcony furniture, onto people using balconies, etc.

-when washing balcony floors or windows, please mop up excess water before it runs down;
-when taking plants out onto the balcony to water them, please ensure you have a dish underneath, and you do not overwater;
-when providing water to pets on balconies, ensure the bowl is away from the edge and does not spill.

The same care and caution needs to be used with any object that could potentially go over the balcony, such as pet toys, lighters, glasses, bottles, furniture accessories and, of course, cigarette ashes and butts, as these things can cause damage to balcony furniture and/or harm to a resident below.

Thank you for your attention to these cautionary steps when using your balconies, to help ensure the comfort and enjoyment of balconies by all residents.