Using the BBQs on the Terrace

Dear Residents:

The Weber BBQs on the Terrace are ready for use.  One of the BBQs (the one on the West side) can be booked in advance, and the other is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  To book the West side BBQ, contact the Front Desk at 613-680-5793 or at

Before using a BBQ, please ensure the gas line (located on the wall behind each BBQ) is on.  To turn it on, move the blue handle to the vertical position.  Once you are finished using the BBQ, turn the gas line off, i.e. turn the blue handle to the horizontal position.  Should you wish to use the rotisserie on the West side BBQ, you will need an extension cord, which is available for sign-out at the Front Desk.

Under each BBQ are some essentials for all to use: an instruction manual and small cookbook; heat-proof mitts; cleaning brush; and, sanitary wipes. You may also wish to consult the larger, detailed Weber cookbooks which are available for sign-out at the Front Desk.

Please use your own tools and utensils whenever possible.  Alternatively, there are two sets of BBQ tools available for sign-out at the Front Desk. Please clean and return them to the Front Desk as soon as possible after each use.

The BBQs will be thoroughly cleaned by the Superintendent every Monday. However, we ask that you clean up after each use, leaving the BBQ and surrounding area neat and ready for the next resident.  As well, after you are finished using the BBQs, please ensure that all the BBQ burners are turned off, the lid is closed, and the gas line is turned off, i.e. the blue handle on the gas line behind the BBQ is in the horizontal position.

Covers will be taken off and put back on by our staff. Should you wish to use a BBQ which still has its cover on, simply remove the cover and place it neatly to one side. Covers should never be put onto or near a hot BBQ.

Please contact the Front Desk if you have questions regarding the BBQs.

Board of Directors
90 George Street