Terms of Use

Intended Use of Forum

The forum is intended to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere for owners and residents to contact one another.

Examples of appropriate uses of the forum include:

  1. Posting ads for household items for sale
  2. Posting ads for units/lockers/parking spaces for rent
  3. Sharing decorating advice or asking for recommendations of contractors
  4. Sharing neighborhood news
  5. Inquiring about nearby shops and services
  6. Organize exercise groups, carpooling

Inappropriate Use of Forum

If you need assistance, require a response, or have a problem related to the property in general, you need to contact the property manager directly.

Also, the forum is not the appropriate place for discussion of issues or changes that affect owners as a whole. If you have a concern that you wish to bring to management or the Board's attention, contact the property manager. If your concern cannot be resolved in this way or needs discussion by owners as a whole, it needs to be discussed at an official meeting of owners (e.g. AGM), to ensure fair involvement of all owners.

Please be Nice

Please avoid postings involving name calling, threats to reputation, back-and-forth debate, or "flames".


As is common practice for online discussion forums, the management and forum moderators reserve the right to review, remove and/or re-categorize at their sole discretion any postings deemed inflammatory, libelous, contrary to the forum rules, or otherwise inappropriate to an online forum. Individuals who contravene the rules or otherwise abuse the privilege of access to this site may be denied future access.


The views expressed in the forum are those of the participants, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Condominium Corporation, its Directors, Property Management or contractors.


By accessing this website, you are affirming your willingness to comply with the terms outlined here.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!