Dear Owners and Residents:   This message is to familiarize you with the main stairwells in our building, and the location of their exits/entrances.   There are two main stairwells, one on each side of the building, running from the 19th floor to the ground (1st) floor. Doors to the West stairwell are labelled A and doors to the East stairwell are labelled B, followed by the floor number. Both stairwells exit to the outside on Rideau Street at the ground floor, following the red EXIT signs, through the silver push-bar door.   Only the East (B) stairwell allows access back into the rest of the building at the ground floor, without going outside. This access is through the maroon-coloured door on the ground floor labelled B1. This door brings you to the Rideau Street lobby, from which you can access the residential lobby. If you wish to proceed to the parking garage, you can use either the Rideau entrance elevator or the residential lobby elevators.   To go up the stairs, use the East (B) stairwell located off the Rideau Street lobby. Please note that the entrance to the stairwell is fobbed, and there is a locked security gate at the 4th floor. The purpose of the security gate is to prevent non-residents from accessing residential floors from commercial (public) areas. For infrequent use, please ask the front desk staff, before proceeding up the stairs, to unlock the security gate door. If you wish to use the stairwells frequently, you may order a key for the security gate door from the front desk staff.