Smoking on Balconies

Dear Residents of 90 George:

A fire was recently caused by a cigarette butt which had been thrown from a balcony onto a unit’s terrace below.  For this reason, as well as the fact that we are still receiving complaints about ashes and butts landing on balconies and the 4th floor Terrace, we feel it is necessary to re-issue a notice on this topic.

Unsafe practices while smoking on balconies are a fire and safety hazard.  Smoke and live ashes from cigarettes, as well as improperly disposed ashes and butts, cause damage to and burn people and belongings, including the wooden deck, plants and furnishings on the new Terrace. 

Please pay special attention to the following:

1) If you must smoke on the balcony, please exercise the utmost care and caution.  Stay to the rear of the balcony, and be on the alert for gusts of wind which may carry ashes and smoke upwards to other balconies, or downwards onto balconies, terraces, roofs, and the street below.  Use a fireproof container with a cover or small opening to carefully collect ashes and butts. Once finished, please bring the container inside, as gusts of wind can easily disperse the contents. Never flick ashes or butts off the perimeter of your balcony.  These will land on balconies and the ground below and cause damage.

2) Please ensure that all your guests and any workers (e.g. caregivers, construction workers, caterers and cleaners) are informed of and follow the instructions in point 1) above.

Thank you for your attention to this very serious matter.

Property Management/Board of Directors
90 George Street