The front desk in the lobby of 90 George is staffed with security personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Front desk staff can be reached at 613-680-5781 or at .

The following security measures are of particular interest and importance to residents:

  1. Camera monitoring,
  2. Card or fob access and control, including garage entry,
  3. Visitor-access control.

Also included in this section are residents’ security responsibilities.

Camera Monitoring

90 George’s building and grounds are covered by closed circuit TV cameras located at strategic positions. These cameras are monitored by security personnel at the Security desk on a 24-hour basis, and movements are recorded and held for a period of six weeks, for follow-up or investigation as required.

Fob Access and Control

There are fob access readers at various entrances throughout the building.  Residents must use their access fobs to enter 90 George.

Always carry your keys with you and use your fob to enter the building. Do not ring Security to let you in, except under exceptional circumstances, as this could divert the security officer’s attention from critical duties.

Do not lend your fob to non-residents. Fobs found by Security to be in the possession of non-residents will be de-activated.

Security programs the fobs for the 90 George building.  Fobs are coded to residents.  If a fob is lost, or a resident moves, the code is deleted from the system, rendering the fob inoperable. 

Garage Entry

Vehicle entry to the garage is by garage door fob issued to, and coded for, each parking space owner.

Unauthorized vehicles or pedestrians entering through the garage doors after you have entered or exited is of concern because the doors stay open long enough to make this possible. An effective solution is to pause briefly (about 5 seconds) after entering or exiting until the garage door closes behind you.  Advise Security immediately if someone does manage to enter.

Visitor-access Control

Security will call residents to announce the arrival of visitors, thus ensuring that residents have prior knowledge of all visitors to a suite.  Security will turn away any visitor not specifically authorized by a resident.

Advise Security in advance of any expected deliveries, workers, or visitors. Security will still call you for clearance, unless you direct otherwise.

When Security calls to announce visitors, make sure you hear the names(s) clearly. Announcements such as “your guests are here” or names not recognizably pronounced should not be accepted.

If you have personal staff or visitors coming regularly to your suite, provide their names to Security.

When planning a social function, provide Security with a written guest list and advise them whether or not you wish to be called as guests arrive. If a list is not provided, guests will be held in the lobby until you can be contacted.

If Security calls to announce a visitor, worker or delivery person that you do not know or anticipate, meet them in the lobby or make other arrangements with Security. This is for your own and your neighbours’ safety.

When someone knocks at your door, do not open it unless you recognize the visitor through the peephole, or Security has called you for clearance.

Residents’ Security Responsibilities

Residents need to take on individual responsibility for the following situations:

1. Do not open a fob-operated entry door for an unknown person. If you do not know a person wishing to enter, a simple “I’m sorry, but I do not know you, would you please use your fob, or report to Security” will ensure that an unknown person does not slip in.  If an unknown person follows you through an entry door, report to Security immediately.

2. Do not engage security guards in long “chatty” conversations. Their primary responsibility is security.

3. Do not use emergency exits to enter or leave the building, except in emergencies. These exits are under alarm. Use only the entrances and exits which are equipped with a fob reader.

4. Never leave your suite door open or unlocked. This is an open opportunity for unauthorized persons. 

5. If you notice a security issue, please provide the Property Manager or Security with a written account for the Board. Include date, time, people involved, brief details of the issue or  incident, and your name and contact information. General accounts without details, or accounts submitted some time later, cannot be dealt with properly.