RS Survey

Dear Residents,                                                                                 March 6, 2015


The town hall meeting held on February 26, 2015, was meaningful to Real Sports’ understanding of our owners’ expectations for the use of the Forecourt. Owners expressed their irritation with its past and present use and their hopes for better future use. Owners expressed frustration with the uncertainty and virtual non-existence of involvement in the management of the Forecourt as a shared facility. With almost 50% of owners voting, this frustration is apparent in the close results of our opinion survey – 54.9% do not support Real Sports’ patio proposal and declined support for negotiations with Real Sports by the board of directors.

At the town hall, we heard some owners express a preference for knowing the outcome from the July 2015 arbitration before considering any other change in Forecourt use.

With the closeness of the opinion survey in mind, the board of directors feels an obligation to put any completed Real Sports proposal to a formal vote by OCSCC 815 owners. “Completed” means that an ironclad agreement exists between Real Sports and 90 George St. Ltd., takes account of feedback from the recent town hall, and, yields benefits consonant with those sought from the July arbitration. Then, assuming support by OCSCC 815 owners, the City of Ottawa might consider a new license of occupation including proposed changes in Forecourt use.

If, in the board’s opinion, any future patio proposal from Real Sports is deemed to be complete, it will be brought to the owners for a final decision. In the meantime, the board remains focussed on the successful outcome of the July arbitration.


Board of Directors OCSCC 815