Power Shutdown Feb 4-5 2020

36 Hour Shutdown Commencing at 9:00 am on Feb 4, 2020 Further to the electrical fire experienced on November 1, 2019, which interrupted hydro power to the 01, 02 ,03 and 04 residential units, we are now able to advise that all of the necessary equipment is available locally for replacement by supporting electrical contractors in conjunction with the City of Ottawa and Hydro Ottawa. Power will be interrupted by the electrical contractor at 9:00 am on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 so that a construction crew can remove and replace damaged drywall in the machine room caused by the fire. Once new drywall is installed, the electrical contractor will install the new electrical equipment, which is planned to be completed at or about 9:00 pm on Wednesday, February 5, 2010. We anticipate updating you on this project at 2:00 pm on February 5, 2020. Should an extension be required, you will be notified at that time. Heat to your unit will not be affected. We would also ask that, if your smoke and heat sensors do not have a battery back-up, you notify the concierge and we will make arrangements for a fire watch. In order to avoid any issues when power is restored, you might consider turning off all of your breakers in your electrical panel prior to the restoration of power. Once power is restored, you should switch each breaker to the 'on' position. Extension cords, from one unit to another, are not permitted as they pose a trip hazard in contravention of the Fire Marshals Act. CLARIFICATION This is an update to the recent email concerning the 36-hour electrical power shutdown scheduled to begin at 09:00 on Tuesday February 4th, 2020. Please note that during the shutdown, the only units that will be without electricity are those units with numbers ending in 01, 02, 03 and 04. Electricity will continue to be available in all other units. As well, the electricity will operate as normal in all common areas, including hallways, stairwells and elevators. All units, including those without electricity, will continue to be provided with heat from the heating system. As well, the building’s plumbing system, including toilets and hot and cold running water, will operate normally in all units. The building-wide fire system, including heat detectors in all units, will continue to function. Within affected units only, electrical lighting and appliances will not be operational during the shutdown. Given this, we provide the following suggestions: -avoid opening your fridge or freezer during the shutdown; -be aware that local in-unit smoke detectors and CO detectors will not work unless they have a battery back-up (most do not); -do not use candles, rather, use flashlights and other battery-operated lighting, for safety reasons; -be aware that gas stoves and other gas fixtures will not work, because they need electricity to light; -be reminded that extension cords going outside of units will not be allowed, as they pose a trip hazard in contravention of the Fire Marshals Act; -be aware that heating thermostats won’t be adjustable, rather, temperature settings will default to 25 degrees Celsius. Please remember to reset them to your preferred temperature once power is resumed. Once the power is restored, staff will enter unoccupied units where an owner or tenant is not in residence, to verify restoration of power by switching on the lighting circuit. Note that staff will not turn on any other breakers in unoccupied units. Please contact the Front Desk at (613) 680-5781 if you require special assistance, or experience any issues during or after the shutdown.