Party / Meeting Room

The party/meeting room, with catering/serving kitchen, is located on the fourth floor in the Resident Amenities area.  The following rules apply to its use by 90 George Owners and guests.  See also OCSCC 815 Rule 11 (d).

Exceptions to this Policy can be requested from, and must be approved by, the 90 George Board of Directors.

1. Booking the Room

The room may only be booked by a residential unit owner, or by a tenant duly registered with the Condominium Corporation.  This owner/registered tenant must be present at the event at all times.  The room may not be booked on behalf of someone else.

The room must be reserved at least four business days in advance, depending on availability, by contacting the front desk at 613-680-5781 or at 

The room may be booked for a maximum of three days in a row, and for a maximum of three times a year by the same owner. 

In the event of multiple requests for bookings on the same day(s), the front desk staff will ensure fairness by conducting a draw or similar selection method.

2. Fees

No fees will be charged for use of the dining/meeting room.  The kitchen will remain open at all times. 

Users will be held responsible for any and all extra costs and damages caused while they are using the meeting room and kitchen. 

3. Capacity

A maximum of 12 persons is allowed.

4. Security/Access

A guest list must be provided to the Security desk prior to the event, or owners must arrange to meet their guests in the lobby.  Guests of the dining/meeting room are not allowed access to any other common areas, with the exception of the designated washroom.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol is not to be sold, or taken outside of the room.

6. Function/Use

No function or use of the party/meeting room shall contravene any applicable federal, provincial or municipal laws or by-laws.  The room is not to be used for political, commercial or profit-making purposes.

7. Catering

If a caterer is used, owners must make arrangements for delivery and pick-up of food and supplies through the Front Desk.

8. Smoking

The party/meeting room is a non-smoking area, as are all common elements.

9. Noise/Disturbance

Normal noise restrictions after 11:00 pm apply. If any disturbance is reported, users of the dining/meeting room must leave upon request. 

10. Washroom

Guests of the party/meeting room must use only the designated washroom located directly across from the party/meeting room.

11. Other Business

Condo Business may supercede resident reservations on rare occasions if necessary.