Parking on Forecourt

Dear Owners and Residents: As you may know, ParkSafe, the commercial parking contractor, actively monitors their parking spots, on the Forecourt as well as on P1, throughout the days as well as evenings/nights. ParkSafe will ticket and tow all illegally parked vehicles without warning. Please be advised that the Corporation will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for ticketing and/or towing charges if your visitors park in any spot other than the three designated/marked visitor parking spots on the East side of the Forecourt. These three visitor spots are clearly marked with signs stating “Visitor Parking for 90 George Only.” All visitor vehicles must be registered with the Front Desk. ParkSafe is not authorized to ticket or tow legitimately parked visitor vehicles* in the three designated visitor spots. Please be sure to advise your visitors accordingly. *To ensure your visitors are legitimately parked, please refer to the Visitor Parking Policy, available on the Website at under Amenity Guide/Visitor Parking, or by contacting the Front Desk at Management February 11, 2020