Outstanding Deficiencies

From December 1st, to December 18th tradesman will be accessing your unit to complete the deficiencies that remain outstanding.
We regret that more specific dates cannot be given. Due to the low volume of work that remains outstanding, it is presently difficult, if not impossible, to predict how many units a given tradesman will be able to visit in a day. Consequently, we can provide only date ranges at this time. As always, all tradesmen will be supervised by security or management staff at all times.
This is a two-way process, and we need your help and cooperation to resolve the remaining items you cited as important to you as much as you need us to fix them. Restricting access to your unit during business hours can limit your rights under your Warranty.
If you are currently satisfied with the state of your unit, or have only a subset of items that are of concern to you, please forward notice to customerservice@90george.com, and we will update our lists so that only the items you are still concerned with are addressed, to minimize inconvenience to you.
Furthermore, the contact number for 90 George Customer service has changed. If you wish to contact us by phone, please call:
613-234-2296 ext. 0
Thank you very much for your patience -this process is inevitably inconvenient to a certain extent--, and we hope that you are satisfied with the quality of workmanship in your new home at this wonderful location.
Have a good day, sincerely, Jonathan Guilbault.