Newsletter #1


The Board of Directors is pleased to welcome the owners and residents of Ottawa-Carleton Standard Condominium Corporation No. 815.  
The purpose of this first Newsletter is to provide you with the latest news and information regarding your Corporation.

Board of Directors

Please find below the names of the members of your Board of Directors :
Janis Grantham  -  President
Kash Pashootan  -  Vice-president
Catherine Zongora - Secretary/Communications
Peter Bruce  -  Treasurer
Terrence Guilbault  -  Director
The Board of Directors faces numerous and interesting challenges.  As a start, following are some of the initial objectives adopted by the Board on your behalf:


We would like to remind you of the normal communication channels:
  1. In life threatening circumstances, first dial 911, then if possible notify Security at 613680-5793;
  2. To report an urgent matter, please call: Security at 6136805793, or Property Manager, Nancy Bouillon, at 613-680-5791 (Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to noon);
  3. The Property Manager handles concerns on a regular basis.  The Directors will be made aware of any matters requiring their consideration at Board meetings.  Written communication (letters, forms or e-mail) is the most effective way to advise the Property Manager of your concerns, and facilitate follow up.  Hard copy mail for the Property Manager can be left at the Security Desk; the Property Manager’s e-mail address is


The Board of Directors is arranging for the preparation of a user friendly Handbook which will detail many of the rules of conduct and other information helpful to all of us living at 90 George.  We are hopeful that owners and residents will be provided with an introduction to the Handbook toward the end of November.  Over the following months, updates will be provided until the Handbook is complete.   
In order to address concerns that have arisen, we would ask that owners and residents please pay special attention to the following: 
  1. In order to eliminate the problems we’ve experienced with the garbage system in the building, items for disposal must be: 1) appropriately placed in the garbage chute; 2) properly packaged; 3) of suitable size so as not to obstruct the chute.  Residents must not leave garbage or other items in corridors or garbage rooms.  Items which should not or cannot be placed in the garbage chute are to be properly placed in the waste room on Level P-1.  Residents consistently not disposing of their waste appropriately will be subject to an administrative fee as stated in section 14(d) of the property Rules;
  2. Items for recycling must be properly sorted and disposed of.  It is necessary to wait the required delay time between garbage and recycling disposals, or contamination of the recycling bins will occur.  When this happens, the Corporation must pay an extra pick-up fee, which will result in an increase in condo fees for us all;
  3. Please disclose Unit rentals to the Property Manager in a timely manner using Form 5, as required by the Condominium Act;
  4. Window coverings, visible from the outside, must be white or off-white, as per Section 8 (b) of the property Rules;
  5. Please make every effort to ensure the fourth floor Resident Amenities area is left clean and in good order for those who follow; please carefully read the signage when using the amenities;
  6. Finally, for the safety of all, please follow the signage in the underground parking garage, and adhere to the required speed limit of a maximum of ten (10) kilometres per hour.

Are You Properly Insured?

Your Board of Directors and Property Manager would like to remind you that under the Corporation's insurance policy, an owner shall be required to pay the amount of the deductible, should damages or loss result from acts or omissions from owners, tenants, occupants or guests of the owner's unit.  The actual amount of the deductible is $10,000.  In order to protect yourself, please ensure that your condo owner's insurance policy includes coverage adjusted in accordance with this provision of the Corporation's insurance policy. 

Thank You

We the members of the Board wish to thank owners for their support, courtesy and patience.