New Enterphone and Policy

March 2017 Dear Owners and Residents: The Enterphone System is now loaded with resident data and ready for use. The system allows visitors to search for and dial a resident to gain access to the building when the guard is not at the front desk, and or when the entrance doors are locked. Once called by a visitor, the resident verifies the visitor, then presses the digit 6 on their phone. This unlocks the two doors after the 90 George street door, so that visitors may access the building. Please see the detailed policy and procedures below. We take this opportunity to remind residents to always carry their fobs to gain access to the building. Never open or hold open a locked door for anyone not carrying a fob or not recognized as a building resident. Should you have questions or require additional instructions on the use of the Enterphone system, please consult the Building Relations Manager, Sal, at the front desk. ENTERPHONE SYSTEM POLICY – OCSCC 815 The Enterphone system is meant to be used ONLY when the front desk guard is temporarily away from the desk, e.g. on rounds or dealing with an urgent issue, or when the entrance door(s) are locked. When the front desk guard is present and the doors are unlocked, normal visitor access procedures will be applied. Please use the following procedures for using the Enterphone system for security and access: 1. Visitor observes that the entrance door(s) are locked or the front desk guard is away from the desk. 2. Visitor locates the relevant resident’s name on the Enterphone system and presses “Call”. The call automatically forwards to the resident’s designated phone number. 3. Resident verifies the visitor by recognizing the voice, or by checking the lobby watch camera on Rogers TV channel 988. 4. Once the visitor is verified, resident presses digit 6 on their telephone, which unlocks the door(s). DO NOT unlock the doors for anybody but verified visitor(s). 5. Should a resident suspect that an unauthorized person entered with or after their authorized visitor, the resident immediately reports this to the front desk guard by telephone at 613-680-5781 (the guard will receive the call even when away from the desk). Please note: This policy is subject to regular review and updating.