Moving and Large Item Deliveries

Dear Owners and Residents:
The purpose of this notice is to introduce two new forms to be used when moving in or out, and when planning major deliveries.  As you know, there are two elevators to service the residents of 90 George.  In order to minimize the impact of using these elevators, and to protect common areas from damage, we are instituting the requirement for an agreement form for moves and large deliveries.
Please ensure the following forms are filled in and submitted to 90 George Front Desk staff when moving in or out, or when planning a major delivery.
1. Agreement Form for Moving - this form, which includes the payment of a $250.00 refundable deposit, must be submitted at least two weeks before the planned move.
2. Agreement Form for Major Deliveries - this form covers deliveries of appliances, furniture, audio/video equipment, construction materials, etc., and should be submitted at least two business days before the delivery.
The form(s) may be downloaded from the 90 George Website at and , or obtained in hard copy from the Front Desk.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Apollo Property Management