Keys and Access

Using Your Key Fobs

Key Fobs allow you to access the building and various amenities. Next to various doors, you will see black fob readers. Simply hold the back of your fob close to the reader and the door will unlock. This system makes it quick and easy for you unlock doors, and provides for enhanced security by allowing fobs to be deactivated by Property Management in the case of loss or an owner/resident moving out.

Obtaining Key Fobs

If you need additional or replacement key fobs, contact the Front Desk at 613-680-5781 or at   Fobs are not to be made available to anyone other than the Corporation, an owner or occupant of a dwelling unit.  See also OCSCC 815 Rule 4 (a) and (e).  A fee will be charged to cover the cost of the fob.  

Changing Locks

Owners and residents shall not place on access doors to their suites additional or alternate locks, without the written and prior approval of the Board.  All door locks and keys must be compatible with the existing lock systems and a copy of each new key must be delivered to Property Management.  See also OCSCC 815 Rule 4 (c).