Items Falling from Balconies

Dear Residents:

Falling items from balconies continue to pose a risk to residents and furnishings below.  We realize that most residents are aware of the dangers of items falling from balconies, especially with the frequent wind gusts that occur, and act accordingly.  However, for those who are unaware or who do not take appropriate precautions, it is necessary to review the dangers and provide some safe practices.

As you are aware, 90 George has extending terraces on the fourth floor on both sides of the building, including unit terraces as well as the large Terrace on the North side.  Therefore items which fall from balconies above will land, if not on another balcony, on a fourth floor terrace, striking a person, decking, and/or furniture. Falling items recently reported include broken glass, lighters and, as discussed in a previous message, cigarette butts.

The danger with glass is that it breaks.  Not only does broken glass cause injury to humans, it causes damage to wood decking and patio furnishings, and is expensive to clean up, as well as to repair the damages caused.  The same applies to cigarette ashes and butts. In fact, any and all items which fall from above can cause injury and damages.  The inevitable clean-up and repair bills, as well as possible insurance claims, will result in all residents having to contribute to the costs through increased condo fees.

We already have rules prohibiting smoking and glass containers on the 4th floor Terrace to help prevent these kinds of issues.  Special care and extra caution need to be applied when using your unit balconies as well.  This would include ensuring items do not and cannot fall or be swept from the balcony, and perhaps even avoiding using glass whenever possible.  Items susceptible to falling must be secured, attended, and/or brought in immediately after use.  Cigarette butts and ashes should be placed in a small-mouthed, fireproof container which needs to be secured or brought inside once finished smoking.

Please also ensure that all your guests and any workers (e.g. caregivers, construction workers, caterers and cleaners) are informed of the dangers and precautions outlined.

Thank you for your attention to this very serious matter.

Apollo Property Management