Insurance in Condominiums is divided into two parts:

Building Insurance

This insurance, paid through your Condominium Fees, covers the building as a whole, including standard units and the common elements of the condominium.  See also Declaration section 6.

Your Insurance

You must purchase separately insurance to cover your furnishings, belongings, upgrades and other unit contents, for loss of use and occupancy of the unit in the event of damage, and coverage for deductibles in Building Insurance.  Under the Corporation's insurance policy, an owner shall be required to pay the amount of the deductible, in the event of damage to a unit or the common elements caused by acts or omissions of the owner or a tenant or occupant of the owner's unit.  In order to protect yourself, please ensure that your condo owner's insurance policy includes coverage adjusted in accordance with this provision of the Corporation's insurance policy.  Make sure you check with your insurance professional to ensure adequate coverage.  See also Declaration section 6.