Information About Canada Day

Dear Owners and Residents:


We are looking forward to seeing you and your guests on Canada Day!  We now have a good idea of the number of people coming to the Canada Day Party, we thank you for submitting your attendee numbers in time for us to plan accurately.


We would like to remind you of a few things in order to help ensure Canada Day goes smoothly for you and your guests, while maintaining a high level of safety and security:


1. This is a day when many people will be in the Market area, so we must all pay special attention to security issues. There will be extra security provided through TSM all day July 1. Further, George Street will be closed to traffic from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.  Please note that, if need be, 90 George residents will be allowed through the barricades during these times with a valid license bearing your 90 George Street address.


2. We remind you to carry your fob with you at all times. This will ensure you and your guests are able to access all fobbed areas in the event Front Desk Staff are unavailable.  Please also be extra vigilant about closing the fobbed doors behind you, and not giving access to unknown persons (unless, of course, they have a 90 George fob).


3. Please keep in mind the 90 George rules, and in particular the Terrace rules, for the Canada Day Party.  We ask that you ensure you and your guests are familiar with the rules and follow them. The Terrace rules include: no smoking or pets, no excessive drinking, and no glass containers (there will be plenty of plastic containers available in the Party Room for drinks and food). The remaining rules are available on the Website at, or through the Front Desk.


4. As usual, guests will not be provided entry to 90 George without proper authorization from an owner or resident. Please either provide your guests' names to the Front Desk, or ensure you are available by telephone to authorize entry for them.


The Canada Day Party will start at about 7:00 p.m., with delicious gourmet smokehouse hot dogs, sausages and other munchies being served.  We look forward to seeing everybody on June 1st!


Board of Directors

90 George Street