Heating Reminder

Dear Residents,


As the cold weather approaches, we would like to ask you to please over the next few days, turn on your heat and check all radiators to make sure they are warm to the touch. This is especially important for those radiators located on or near an outside wall. Do not forget to check ones that are behind furniture as well. If you notice a lack of heat, please inform the front desk immediately.  

Also we remind everyone of the following :


- Please do not leave your windows open for any reason. Do not block radiators with furniture or impede the air circulation with floor length drapes.

- If we are experiencing extreme cold for a few days in a row, please make sure to check that all of the radiators in your unit are working.


- If you are going to be absent for any length of time, please inform the front desk so that we may monitor your unit during cold spells.



Dan Fried, RCM, CSM