Grocery and Catering Delivery Service

Dear Residents:


The Board has arranged a convenient and easy-to-access grocery and catering delivery service for our residents with La Bottega Nicastro Fine Food Shop. For more information on La Bottega’s great food, menus and services, please go to


To place an order, call La Bottega's main phone line at 613-789-7575 and ask for Rocco Jr. (if Rocco Jr. is not available, let them know you are a 90 George resident and the nature of your call, and you will be routed to the appropriate person).  Telephone orders are payable by credit card only, and you must provide the card number at the time you place your order.  La Bottega will deliver your order free of charge.


Grocery orders:

Provide your list of grocery items, including specific brands if required, otherwise their judgment will be used to provide the most appropriate brand.  La Bottega will deliver the orders as quickly as possible, depending on how busy the store is at time of purchase.


Catering orders:

Catering includes any prepared restaurant items, from individual lunches to catering services for several people.  La Bottega's kitchen is currently open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  La Bottega requests that 24 hours notice is given for catering orders, however, will try their best to meet the needs of 90 George residents whenever possible.  If same-day catering is a requirement, please try and submit your order as early as possible, and they will try to accommodate it, depending on time and availability.


Board of Directors

90 George Street