Dry Cleaning Pick-up and Delivery Service

We have arranged a dry cleaning pick-and delivery service for residents of 90 George with Monson Deluxe Cleaners.  They are located at 110 Beechwood Ave, and can be reached at 613-749-5969.   Monson’s provides a high-quality, solvent-free dry cleaning service.   A Price List is included below.


The service will begin this Friday March 11, 2011 at 2:00 p.m., with subsequent regular pick-up and delivery twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday at 2 p.m.


Dry cleaning bags are available from the front desk, and should be picked up before using the service for the first time.  The bags will have ID tags and they will be returned to you each time with the dry cleaning.  Inside the bag, you will find a client profile form that you are asked to complete and put back in the bag with the first clean so an account can be set up in your name.  Monson’s offers two types of payments, Visa or MasterCard.  You must include your Credit Card information on the profile form. Should you prefer to give this information over the phone or in person at the store, you are welcome to do this instead.  Monson’s will charge your credit card once a month for cleaning services provided; there is no charge for pick-up or delivery.


Cleaning is to be dropped off with front desk staff on Tuesdays and Fridays by 1:00 p.m.  Cleaning will be stored in the ground-floor cloak room.


Should you have questions, please contact the 90 George front desk at 613-680-5793, 613-612-5663 (cell) or frontdesk@90georgeliving.com, or Monson’s at 613-749-5969.


Dry Cleaning Price List:


Shirts - $3.99

Pants - $9.99

Skirt - $9.99

Dress - $17.50 to $25.00

Sweater - $9.99

Jacket/Suit - $20.00

Comforter - $25.00

Duvet - $40.00

Sheets - $4.50



* Pricing may change without notice; for additional pricing on items not mentioned above, please call Monson’s at 613-749-5969.