Common Elements Performance Audit

Dear Residents:

As you may recall, last spring Trow Associates Inc. was hired to complete a Performance Audit for the 90 George Common Elements.  As part of this audit, owners were requested to fill out an Owner Survey, the purpose of which was to gather information on the performance and/or deficiencies of the common element components of the condominium complex.

Please be advised that the process is underway of resolving and verifying the resolution of the reported common element deficiencies.  As the developer resolves the deficiencies, Property Management will verify that items have been completed.  To do this, it may be necessary to enter some residential units.  Units may have to be entered more than one time, according to when the individual deficiencies are resolved/verified.

You will be notified before your unit is entered.   Your presence is not required, however, if you cannot be present, you may wish to leave a note regarding the completion of the common element deficiencies in your unit.

We thank you for your attention to this matter, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Apollo Property Management