90 George Organization

The organization of the 90 George Condominium Corporation comprises:
  1. Owners,
  2. Board of Directors and Executive,
  3. Property Manager and Staff
For more information about the Corporation and general matters, see also By-Law No. 1.


The Owners elect the Board of Directors (hereafter referred to as the “Board") to manage the affairs of the Corporation at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  For more information about the AGM, see also By-Law No. 1, Section 9.

Board of Directors

The Board directs the management of 90 George, approves and supervises the management of the annual budget, oversees the finances of 90 George to ensure financial stability, and carries out other responsibilities as required by law.  The overall objective of the Board is to ensure that 90 George is operated and maintained at its original high standards.  For more information about the Board of Directors and its Executive, see also By-Law No. 1, Sections 5 and 6.

Property Manager and Staff

A property management company, awarded a contract with the Corporation, manages 90 George under the direction of the Board. The property management company assigns a professional property to 90 George, assisted as necessary by other company staff. That professional property manager is commonly referred to as the “Property Manager”. The major functions of the Property Manager include:
  1. enforcing the Declaration, By-laws, and Rules of 90 George;
  2. carrying out general administration required for the day-to-day Condominium operations in respect to the Condominium Act;
  3. preparing annual operating plans and budgets based on the Board’s guidelines;
  4. managing building operations, maintenance, repairs, renovations and major projects;
  5. maintaining adequate revenue and expenditure controls and financial records;
  6. conducting banking transactions, paying accounts, collecting condominium fees monthly including any arrears, late payment penalties and administration fees;
  7. recruiting, training and supervising 90 George’s staff;
  8. negotiating contracts and monitoring the work of contractors; and
  9. responding to residents' and non-resident owners’ inquiries, complaints, etc.
The Property Manager handles matters on a day-to-day basis.  The Board will be made aware of any matters requiring their consideration at Board meetings.  Written communication (letters, forms or e-mail) is the most effective way to convey your concerns and facilitate follow up.   Please include your name, suite number, e-mail address and telephone number.  Hard copy mail for the Property Manager can be left at the Front Desk; the Property Manager’s e-mail address is propertymanager@90georgeliving.com. Staff members are employees of 90 George and are recruited, trained, supervised by, and report to, the Property Manager. The current staff includes the Building Relations Manager and other Front Desk Staff.

Front Desk Staff:

The Front Desk Staff is responsible to the Property Manager for providing residents with a variety of services, including providing security services, greeting residents and guests, assisting residents with parcels, booking various services, monitoring suites in the extended absence of residents, etc.  The presence of the Front Desk Staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week sets 90 George apart from other luxury condominiums in Ottawa. Contact the Front Desk at 613-680-5781, or frontdesk@90georgeliving.com .