90 George Forecourt Guidelines

Dear Residents:

The forecourt is owned by the City of Ottawa, and is operated under an agreement between the City and 90 George Street Ltd. (the Developer).  The City granted the use of the Forecourt to 90 George Street Ltd. primarily because there is no commercial access on Rideau Street.  While the residential and commercial condominium corporations share the costs of maintaining the forecourt, the primary use is for commercial activity.  This, of course, includes deliveries for residents as well as commercial tenants, and permits pick-up and drop-off of residents and commercial clients in front of the building.

The valet parking staff is responsible for the management of the forecourt, and works with the residential condominium staff to ensure all relevant guidelines are followed.  Signs on the forecourt are self-explanatory, and the following guidelines apply.


1.     Please adhere to the posted signs in the forecourt, which apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Failure to do so will result in offending vehicles being ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

2.     Residents and guests of residents can park in the designated 15-minute parking spaces in the forecourt for the allowed 15 minutes. The resident’s unit number should be clearly displayed on the front dash, unless the car being parked can be identified as belonging to a resident by the permanent 90 George parking sticker affixed to the windshield.  (If residents do not have a permanent 90 George parking sticker for their cars, eligible residents should obtain one from the Front Desk.)

3.     All contractors working for residents must register with the Front Desk.  Residents should notify front desk staff in advance when contractors are expected, to ensure appropriate arrangements can be made.  If these contractors need to park in the forecourt, depending on availability, front desk staff will make the necessary arrangements with valet parking staff.

4.     There is no parking in front of the main entrance door.  That area is reserved for picking up or dropping off people only.

5.     Parking for moving trucks is arranged with the Front Desk through the completion of the Agreement Form for Moving. Front desk staff will make the necessary arrangements with the valet parking staff and will direct the moving truck to the designated parking spot upon arrival.  Please note that moving details must be provided two weeks in advance of a move to ensure the designated spot is available for the desired move date/time; failure to do so may result in the moving truck being denied parking access until the designated space is available.

Please contact the Front Desk if you have questions or require further information at:  613-680-5793 or 613-612-5663 (cell), or at frontdesk@90georgeliving.com.


Apollo Property Management