New Front Desk Services

Dear Residents:

We are writing to inform you of changes we are implementing to the delivery of 90 George residential services.

In response to comments from residents relating to the delivery of front desk services, we have been reviewing residents' usage of the current concierge/security service delivery model for the past several months. As a result, we have decided to transition to a more effective and cost efficient model to better meet the needs of a greater majority of our residents.

Changes include the following:

-Michael Monty is no longer an employee at 90 George. On behalf of the Board and residents, we have thanked him for his service and wished him well in his future endeavours.

-Residential concierge/security services will now be delivered on a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week basis through a single point of contact at the front desk.

-Personal concierge services are available to residents on a user-pay basis, and can be accessed as and when required through a premier concierge service (see below for more details), with the capability of providing more services during a wider time span.

-Other key services will be pre-arranged and readily available to 90 George residents, starting with pick-up and delivery of dry cleaning.

-The 90 George Limo service model is currently being reviewed by the Developer.

In order to accomplish these changes, the following steps have been taken:

Firstly, we are changing the service provider for front desk staff to TSM Security Services Inc., effective March 15, 2011. TSM personnel will deliver customized, site-specific residential concierge services in addition to first-class security services. Some of our current staff will be given the opportunity to transfer to the new service provider; additional staff will be hired after passing a strict interview and training process.

Front desk staff will, from now on, be the single point of contact for residential concierge and security services. There will be no requirement, nor expectation, to tip for these day-to-day services. To reach the front desk staff at any time, please call either 613-680-5793 or 613-612-5663 (cell), or e-mail

Front desk residential concierge and security services include:

-ensuring the safety and security of 90 George residents;

-screening and coordinating access for visitors, contract and service people;

-booking elevators and the meeting/dining room;

-taking appropriate action when residents report problems or request on-site superintendent services;

-receiving and coordinating deliveries; and,

-accepting parcels for residents.

Secondly, starting immediately, we have arranged for personal concierge services to be available on a user-pay basis, at a preferred rate for 90 George residents. Balance in Style Concierge Services Inc. is located nearby at 107 Murray Street, making the services quickly and conveniently accessible. The preferred rate for 90 George residents using the service is $50.00 per hour, representing a 17% reduction from their standard fee, and there is a strict no tipping policy.

Personal concierge services might include: dog walking; grocery shopping; running errands; finding a suitable household cleaning service; etc. For more service-offering details, check out the Balance in Style website at, and the additional description of their services which is posted as a PDF file below. To order and pay for the services you require, call 613-440-4446 or e-mail

Thirdly, we have arranged a dry cleaning service, including free pick-up and delivery, through Monson Deluxe Cleaners. Monson provides a high-quality, solvent-free dry cleaning service. Dry cleaning will be picked up/returned twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, coordinated by front desk staff. Procedures for using this service, and arranging for payment of your dry cleaning, will follow in the next few days. We are also looking at setting up other centralized, key services for 90 George residents.

We would like to take this opportunity to outline the reporting relationships of staff working at 90 George. The Board of Directors continues to use Apollo Property Management Inc. to manage and operate all required aspects of our Residential Condominium Corporation. With general direction from the Board, the Property Manager, Wade Kirkpatrick, manages the delivery of all on-site residential services. This involves managing the residential staff, including front desk staff provided by TSM, as well as the on-site superintendent and cleaners, who all report to Wade as their direct supervisor. In addition, the front desk staff member providing residential concierge/security services from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday is responsible for coordinating the daily work of all residential staff, helping to ensure that the right work is done by the right person at the right time.

Valet parking services are provided by the Commercial Condominium Corporation. These services include managing commercial parking on garage level P1, as well as on the Forecourt. The valet parking staff do not report to Apollo Property Management, and operate independently of our residential staff. However, we strive to maintain good communications between residential and commercial staff to ensure the cohesive operation of all 90 George services. Therefore, any comments related to valet parking services can be reported to the front desk, to be passed on to the appropriate person for action as required.

We thank you in advance for your patience and assistance during the transition period.

Board of Directors

90 George Street


This PDF describes the new concierge services available to 90 George residents on a user-pay basis.